Raptus Games
Based in Santiago, Chile and Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
January 1, 2011


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  • Tap & Blast
  • Draw : The Showdown
  • Address:
    Nicanor plaza 2332, La Reina, Santiago

    +569 94432769


    Raptus Games is a Chilean X Australian independent game developer made up of Bernardo Del Castillo and Sam Mummery, and here goes a tagline that explains why Raptus Games is the bestest game studio in the world.


    Early history

    Bernardo and Sam met as students in the vast land of Kangaroos, gaining their respective skills in Programming and Art. We Founded Raptus Games early 2011 and decided to learn the ropes in iOS development, Our first project was "Draw: The Showdown", a highly stylized western endless gallery shooter. Sadly during their first year of Raptus Games Bernardo, had to return to his homeland in Chile. Thankfully due to the wonders of the internet we have managed to stay true to our goals of being game developers, if only in a slightly odd fashion. Halfway around the world from each other, we continued to develop the game, and after 10 months "Draw: The Showdown" was released with mostly positive reviews. After some mild success we decided to update "Draw" with a lot of new content, spending the next 4 months working on "Draw 2.0", which was downloaded by over 1 million people.

    After that

    Since then, We have slowly been working away on various projects. A true labor of love, our new iOS title named "Tap & Blast", has been in development for the last 18 months and jsut recently released on the Apple App Store ( July 15th 2014 ). "Tap & Blast" is a cheerfull, challenging and exciting "aerial platformer" with puzzle elements, and it marks the first game Bernardo and Sam have developed completely apart from one another. Expectedly, this situation has both pros and cons, and has presented various conflicts for the development. As we look forward to our next projects, ideas flow madly through the our skype chats, as to what we will make next... who knows? truly no-one can be sure.



    Our new game, Tap & Blast YouTube

    The first game, Draw: the Showdown YouTube



    There are far more images available for Raptus Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


    Awards & Recognition

    • "Well there's nothing to report here, but surely there will be soon" - You know it's gonna happen, so watch this space

    Selected Articles

    • " Draw is likely too "out there" for most gamers. But adventurous types should give it a try now that it has gone free. "
      - Justin Davis, IGN
    • "A Sharp Shooter in More Ways Than One."
      - R.Shiels, iFanzine
    • "You've done a great job honey"
      - Sam's Mum,

    Sam Mummery on Twitter
    Come get me using my twitter! twitter.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Bernardo Del Castillo Suarez
    Programming human and General Overlord, Raptus Games

    Sam Mummery
    Arts person and Beacon of Knowledge, Raptus Games

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