Back Home & The Future.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been home for a while now. But with everything that has been happening, I’m just now getting up to speed.

Once more I must apologise to people from GDC who I’ve been planning to write to but still haven’t been able to. It is an exciting time, Engines are coming out, devices, plugins, so many options!!

I’ve been playing around with Unreal 4, which quite frankly looks spectacular, but I’m not sure if we can invest the time in getting to know the system and porting all our projects. So for now, I guess it is just a fun experiment. Also, it seems to be a bit of a resource hog, Pretty and shiney but kind of sluggish, even in very high end machines. It is a bit unsettling not knowing if unity 5 will measure up to the challenge and provide a worthy competition, at least in terms of visual spectacle. But I think our experience will make up for it.

In the middle of this, I kind of want to get back to actual Programming, which seems to be drifting away slowly, replaced by easy and friendly visual scripts and simple super robust built in solutions. I fear my brain might be losing it’s edge and turning into mush. Anywho… We are making further changes to Tap & Blast, planning to turn it into a full premium app for the next version, and other possible releases. But that means a lot of re-balancing and restructuring the very core flow of the game. Hopefully it will all result on a clear improvement over our very lovingly crafted original Barrel Blaster.

Yes It'll still be punny as hell :P

Yes It’ll still be punny as hell 😛

There are also some very ambitious projects looming in the horizon, you should know. We might even need some help for some of them, so watch this space.

Much to do for our little team here…and I haven’t even touched Dark Souls 2.

PS: I’m thinking about starting a blog around here or maybe on some other place again… Stuff about games and other things… who knows? I might.

Author: Bernardo

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