Draw 2.0 is now LIVE FREE

It has been far far longer than we expected, this is a big step for us as developers.
We started draw more than a year ago, and we have been slowly improving our first commercial game up to now.

I feel this is a massive improvement and I hope you are all as excited as we are about it.

So what I came here to say:
Draw: the Showdown 2.0, the definitive version of Draw is out in the store now! for Free!

2 new characters, a new level, tonnes of new items and secrets.

Ruby Moon is a sexy wild-west mercenary, that will help you if the price is right. She might look fragile, but bandits tremble at the sole mention of her name.

Bones McGee is a long dead Sheriff brought back from the grave, to seek vengeance on the ruffians that put an end to him.

Be sure to drop by the new store, too. If you’re good enough, the shop-keep might allow you to purchase some of his unique VIP guns.

Good Hunting 😉

Author: Bernardo

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