Draw is back!

Your favourite Wild West game just got much better!
Our dedicated team has released the new version of Draw: the Showdown (1.0.4).
The changes include:

  • -Fixed bugs that caused crash when the game was played for prolonged periods.

  • -Improved Pathfinding for enemies.

  • -Improved performance in all devices.

  • -Added Autosave score feature.

  • -New Slow-Time Powerup.

  • -Added Extra Store where you can purchase GOLD for in-game use.

  • -Game can now adapts to both landscape positions.

  • -Lowered sensitivity of Shake to Reload.

  • -New explosive barrels!

  • -General Ui Improvements.

  • -You keep your score when you pick “retry” from the GameOver menu.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon Cowboys!

Author: admin

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