Draw: The Showdown 2.0.2

Morning Shooters!

2.0.2 Update [Aug 27 2012]:
Some awesome players have communicated to us that there is a problem regarding character customisation in this update. Clothes and other customisation items are not displaying, and this is also causing occasional bugs when saving your money and progress.
This bug has been fixed and is currently awaiting approval from apple certification. It should be released this week.


For those of you updating your copy of Draw: The Showdown, we’ve compiled a list of changes that you will experience in version 2.0.2!

* Bug that didn’t load the correct number of bullets into certain guns has been fixed (our apologies to anyone affected by this!)

* Optimized the enemy rendering system, you will now have more enemies to shoot partner!

* Accuracy detection of your shots has been vastly improved

* Rare cases of those cheap bastards shooting you in the back should no longer occur

* Score to Gold conversion has been increased!

* A conversion from score to gold will be displayed within the post game store


If you come across any points you feel you should give feedback about, contact us!

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