Long time no news.

Well first of all, my apologies for the long silence friends.

There have been many news since the last post here, but worry not! Things are still happening and moving along. So let me list the updates here:


  1. Raptus has become mainly a 1 man operation. Yes, that’s me, Bernardo, nice to meet you.
    Sam will be helping out when he can, and so will other friends, but I’m gonna be the main engine now. I will be looking for more muscle soon, but I can’t really say how long it will take, I’m very picky.
  2. Raptus is now my FULL TIME occupation, and I mean full time all canon, no outside games, no filler, just [hopefully] cool games.


    cool game Exhibit A


  3. SUPER BLAST DELUXE is coming to Playstation 4 very soon.
    It’s actually undergoing certification right now, I don’t have a release date yet, but we are aiming for it to be available CROSS BUY before the end of the year. Keep in mind that European territories may still get a bit of a delay, since it’s just me doing all the publishing.
  4. I have a new fancy office, where I will be conducting ludicrous amounts of official work™.
    Official Work™ Happening.

    Official Work™ Happening.


And that’s all for now folks, I’ll try to keep the updates coming more frequently.



Author: Bernardo

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