NBB.EXE new demo out now on steam!

It’s been a long time coming, and the full release of NBB.EXE is happening quite soon!
So, since the STEAM NEXT FEST (JUNE 2024) is coming up soon, I’ve managed to get a demo of the first section of the game, some secrets and all the multiplayer modes.
Go play it now on the STEAM PAGE and let me know what you think
(and tell me if you notice any odd bugs).

As you probably know, I’ve been working on this game for nearly a decade. And it’s extremely nerve-racking to finally put this out there. There are probably many issues and likely many problems I haven’t even encountered yet. But I am very proud of what I’ve achieved with NBB.

[ the original bomber woman logo]

What started as a small multiplayer reinterpretation of BOMBERMAN, grew to something much bigger, a very significant story mode, Tons of fun secrets, a big, interconnected world. I guess in many ways I injected many of my favorite aspects of games into it.

So, although I struggled to find any publishers that could see the larger picture of NBB, I really hope it will resonate with players! Take that, Devolver!

Now I’m adding the final polish touches (and likely fixes to the final release)

Be sure to join our DISCORD server to keep in touch and stay up to date with NBB.EXE!

Author: Bernardo

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