This Week at Raptus Games

This week at Raptus Games:

    • – Lead Programmer and designer Bernardo Del Castillo posted a detailed overview of production and marketing of ‘Draw: The Showdown on Gamasutra! Visit here to read but be warned, it delves into the interesting world of development! Bernardo is also still writing his personal blog, so check it out at My Printer Bit Me


    • – Concept art of ‘Ruby’ who will be a new unlockable character in version 2.0 of ‘Draw: The Showdown’ (official announcement soon) the picture can be found at our facebook page


    • – Raptus communications manager David Watton took the time to sit down for the Melbourne Observer and add a little bit of life wisdom and philosophy on page four at Melbourne Observer


    • – Lead Artist Sam Mummery has been spotted lending his talent and expertise to the fresh batch of Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) students at Melbourne’s Campus right here


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