What’s going on?!

Well as you may have noticed, we’re making changes. To be honest, I kinda broke our last wordpress theme, and I wanted to try out this new one, so I made some adjustments… and Behold! Newness! Yeah, it’s still a little iffy, I know, I still have to adjust a few things. But I hope you all like the general feel of it.

A few things are happening in the development corner as well. First off, we finally got our very own static-IP broadband internets, so now we can pursue our not so secret… projects.

We are currently working with a third party too, making an educational game for kids. We will let you know more about it when we’re closer to completion.

Along with that we are planning a few other things, our bigger project is on hold for the time being, and other smaller ideas are lingering.

I suppose this is all pretty nebulous, but as things take shape I’ll bring you previews and such.

Also, I’ve been making some other tutorials and dev blog entries, I have material to make one about fast(ish) sampling of render textures (GPU)  on script (CPU), which took me a while to figure out, but I’ve been mostly experimenting, so if you guys want more of my geeking out, let me know.


Author: Bernardo

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