Woopsy….These last few weeks on Raptus Games

Well, that’s embarrassing, I missed at least a month of updates.

I’M SORRY! But don’t be like that ! I can explain!

First off, right after our last update, we migrated our website to a new hosting. It was a new and profoundly terrifying experience for me, but we pulled through the logistical nightmare, and here we are.
Immediately after that episode I took a bit of a vacation. Yep, I needed a break, so I was around Turkey and France for 3 weeks. It was an amazing trip, and it gave me a lot of inspiration for our next project. So there might be some updates about that in some time.
Now I’m back, rested and ready to produce marvelous wonders, so as you know, look directly at implosion.

That's right, I wen't baloonin in Kapadokya.

That’s right, I went baloonin in Kapadokya.


On the Australian corner, Sam has been working heavily on level making, and I’m ecstatic to inform that there are some stellar stages being made.
Me? other than fixing some code and making some levels, I’ve been quite lazy. I’ve been reading Borges again, I very much recommend anyone with any interest for literature to give his short story book, The Aleph a read. It is really superb.

I also regret to inform you that we’ve been playing Dark Souls again… a most dangerous pastime, you must concur.

For some special favors I performed for a certain lady friend, she was so kind as to provide booze, and not any booze. Mythologically themed microbrewed magical beer! So there, Classy.

The Troll Dark ale, and the Nymph Blonde... I feel 300% more magical already.

Lets get some supernatural programming done! The Troll Dark ale, and the Nymph Blonde… I feel 300% more magical already.

Anyhow, duty calls, but I promise I’ll keep you all posted.

Author: Bernardo

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