Back Home & The Future. Apr22

Back Home & The Future.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been home for a while now. But with everything that has been happening, I’m just now getting up to speed. Once more I must apologise to people from GDC who I’ve been planning to write to but still haven’t been able to. It is an exciting...

Travelling and Planning Apr04

Travelling and Planning

So GDC has been  over for a while, but I am still not back to my safe creative space. Instead, I’ve been travelling around. Canada was very nice, It’s the first time I’m on a snowed up city like Montreal, and once you get past the negative temperatures, it is really a...

We will be at GDC! Mar15

We will be at GDC!

Well, Sam the art man will stay down under… But yours truly, Bernardo del Castillo, will make the jump to the exotic northern hemisphere (hooray for my 26 hour flight). It’s our first GDC experience, so I’ll be going mainly just to learn what goes on in the various events,...

This post release week at Raptus Games (Kind of a Post mortem) Jan22

This post release week at Raptus Games (Kind of a ...

So! Tap & Blast is out! Phew.. that was a lot of work. And this period after the release of a game like this, is strange. I don’t know, we’re not experienced developers who have become hardened by the many titles they’ve released. We’re just some guys who want to...

Tap & Blast is LIVE! Jan14

Tap & Blast is LIVE!

It’s the 15th in some places!  So we’re technically out!       And for all of those who still haven’t seen our most Jolly Trailer! BLAST HIGH!

Imp Face Jan13

Imp Face

Pop Imp Jan11

Pop Imp